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Hildesheim Cathedral(St. Mary's Cathedral) and Bronze Door


Hildesheim Cathedral(St. Mary's Cathedral) and Bronze Door

St. Mary's Cathedral (Dom St. Maria) in Hildesheim, Germany, is an important medieval Catholic cathedral, that has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list since 1985.

       Hildesheim is a city located in the southwest of Germany. At the foot of the Harz Mountains in Lower Saxony and is located adjacent to the city of Hanover. Hildesheim early 9.yy 'becomes the center of the diocese, the early 11th century in which the bishop makes it one of the most important cities of the Romanesque Saint Bernward of Hildesheim. Later, 13 Century of the Holy Roman Empire is a free city. Hansa in 1249 and the unity of the municipality to be eligible to participate [1] .
Hildesheim Cathedral between the years 1010-1020 which bears the characteristics of the Romanesque basilica yapılır.Ottonian plan has two apse. There is a timber inside of the cathedral ceiling. In addition, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit and the Prophet. Bronze reliefs depicting the life of Christ has been and still just as the gate. Scenes from the life of Jesus' most important art works of the bronze columns of this cathedral.

I. Hildesheim Cadhedral:
        After the fire in A.D. 1046 bishop of Hezilo  (1054-1079) removes the cathedral and various changes and add-ons make up again. Aisled basilica with a transept and three very distinct profile which converts the plan. kriptası since this category, out of the building stands in a state protected. Circle in the form of gilded copper-haired and has a chandelier in the cathedral. Chandelier diameter 6 meters. Chandelier of 12 small towers of the prophets and apostles, the names of various processed and printed on them. Chandelier chandeliers of this type as an example of our time is four across. These are known as the crowns of light, but the St. Anthony church Azelin referred to as the chandelier. Two of them, and Großcomburg'dadır Aachen. Among them, the oldest of this art in the Hildesheim Hezilo chandelier.

Hezilo chandelier

Added to the east of the apse of the cathedral in the 12th century a new. In the following centuries, the Cathedral of various additions, especially in this extra time is extended by several small churches oluşturulur.18.yy 's in the first half of the baroque style cathedral was decorated again applied.
2. World War destroyed by British bombers in the air today delivered to the cathedral was restored again in 1950.

I. Bronze Door:
       Double bronze doors for the west wing of the cathedral was probably Karolanj. Are depicted in reliefs on the door on the left wing of the creation of man and the creation of these reliefs is expressed as well as fratricide. the door is the right wing of the Prophet. Scenes from the life of Jesus are depicted. Around the center of crime and describes the content of salvation.
To make such a monumental bronze door for the revolutionary nature of the technique is of that period. Each wing of the one-piece die-casting, this bronze door at approximately the same dates as the example of Charlemagne in Aachen which is similar to the palette chapel. But the scenes of the Bible in an effort to inscriptions depicting the artists have had to restrict themselves in Aachen. It describes the views of other examples, such as bronze door aranırsa From the works of late antiquity dating from the years AD 379 386 Milan St. Ambrogio'nun doors and wood carvings dating to around 430 AD in Rome, the bronze doors of St. Sabina is a great effort Hildesheim'daki however, with this work emphasizes the importance of the mold, and bronze. Large plastic, these reliefs is a rare vitality and mood becomes apparent.

One inscription that gives information about the construction of the starting gate. At the same time also refers to the date.
Bronze Door (Bronze Tuer)

I. Bronze Column:
       Columns of the Roman emperors in the style of victory, dating from 1020 Cathedral of Christ the famous column of 24 relief depicting the spiral around the column is decorated. Jesus' life stories are told reliefs. John the Baptist baptized in Jordan to Jerusalem edilişinden input is described in this relief. Bronze column formerly St. Michael is placed in front of the eastern church choir. At first, the statue of Jesus crucified (krüsifi) bearing the Virgin Mary and St.. While reformers were destroyed by Johannes 1543'te ikonaklast and Bronze since 1893 stands in the Cathedral of Hildesheim column. 4.57m.dir height of the column
Bronze column

(Bronze Saeule)
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[1] Hanseatic League, the medieval German cities, the name given to a political and commercial unity

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